When selecting an instrument it is important to not only look at the instrument that most interests you but also to ensure that it will be a good fit based on the child's build and facial structure.


We will meet for a 20 minute session where each student will have the opportunity to try out all of the instruments to see what will be the best fit.  There will be several days to choose from to help accomodate schedules.

We have two instruments selections coming up.  Thursday, July 13th from 10-1 in Columbus and Wednesday, August 16th from 10:00 - 2:00 pm in Katy.  Click on each city for all the details and to sign up!  We will be scheduling our Sugar Land location one soon.


At the conclusion when a choice has been made, you will receive a list of the supplies needed to start learning your instrument.  These supplies will be used in class each week.

We have a good relationship with local music stores.  Most instruments rent between $20-25/month.  You can purchase a used instrument, but we prefer you talk to us first.  Many ebay type purchases are poor quality instruments.  



Sound Foundation Academy Music Program will meet for 34 weeks each year beginning the week of August 29th.  Classes will be held once a week with several locations available to accommodate travel needs.  The program will consist of a beginning woodwind class, a beginning brass class, and an intermediate band class.  Each class will meet for 55-85 minutes.  Students will be responsible for bringing all needed supplies with them, such as: instrument, music book, supplemental materials, music stand, etc.  While the pricing structure is based on a monthly, students are expected to sign up for the full program year (consisting of both the Fall and Spring semester).

Beginning Band Classes

Each instrument will be grouped with similar instruments for class and meet once a week for 85 minutes.  During this weekly class we will go over concepts such as:

  • Basic music theory

  • Basic music terminology

  • Proper posture and breathing

  • Fundamentals of playing and maintaining your instrument.

Weekly practice and theory goals will be assigned each class to work on throughout the week.

Intermediate Band Class

Intermediate band class will meet for 55 minutes a week.  This class will consist of mixed instruments and will rehearse concert band literature.  Intermediate band will cover concepts such as:

  • Intermediate and advanced music theory

  •  Intermediate and advanced music terminology

  • Understanding and practice of ensemble skills such as balance, blend, tuning, proper tone production, and more

  • Performance preparation and concert etiquette



All students in the program, regardless of ability level, should be practicing at home.  This is an integral part to success in learning an instrument.  An average of 30 minutes a day is ideal.  For students in the beginning band classes will start with a smaller amount and slowly build up as their endurance increases.

 Along with individual practice on their chosen instrument, students will also have written or listening assignments to complete throughout the week to prepare for each class.



At the conclusion of each semester all beginning band students will be brought together for a concert where they will have the opportunity to showcase what they have learned throughout the semester.

Intermediate Band members will also perform pieces from the standard concert band repetoire on this concert.  These concert dates and venues are still being discussed but will be posted as soon as possible.