The elementary music program will consist of a class that will meet once a week for 55 minutes and will meet 34 weeks each year. The first semester will cover basic music terminology, music reading, and rhythm counting skills to prepare the students to identify and perform basic music skills.  The second semester will continue to reinforce previously learned material as well as incorporate elementary musical instruments to prepare them to continue on into the band program when they are ready.


We recommend our elementary program for children ages 6-10.  Our curriculum will span three years.  If your child joins at age 6, they can easily do three years of elementary music and transfer seamlessly to our band program.  However, though our curriculum builds each year, your child can join anytime and will be able to join in and catch up quickly.

Elementary music is an introduction to music as a language and how it is communicated, with basic theory, vocabulary, and history. Rhythm instruments, composer studies, hymn of the month, recognition of orchestra and band instruments, interpretive listening and movement, and hands on activities will be utilized to enhance the understanding that music is a gift from God that we can explore and enjoy.  Our activities will be interactive and fun, and the students will enjoy hands-on games as well!  Who wouldn't love note-counting dominos??

By the end of the year students should be able to:

-Identify and stay on beat

-Name basic parts of the staff

-Identify types of note lengths

-Identify certain notes on the staff

-Identify a few composers and instruments

-And more...


Adult committment: Parents will be required to stay one week each semester to meet the teacher/student ratio required by the church.  


$50 per month

Elementary music class is $50 per month for checks ($51.50 for paypal) due at the beginning of each month. The cost is a flat fee regardless of the number of classes in each month.  If payment is not made on time, a late fee will be added to payment.   

Late Fee

A late fee of $5 per week will be added to the monthly cost starting the 10th of the month until payment is made in full. Failure to pay by the 1st of the next month may result in removal from the program all together.


If you would like to cancel your membership in the program, please issue 30 day notice (written or email) that you will be leaving  Verbal and text communication is not sufficient.


You can subscribe here and it will automatically pay us from your paypal for 9 months (you can cancel and switch to check/cash at any time).  

Friendswood Friends Church

502 S Friendswood Dr.

Friendswood, TX 77546

Time: 1:15 - 2:15 Mondays

Christ Church Sugar Land

3300 Austin Pkwy

Sugar Land, TX 77479

Time: 2:30 - 3:30 pm Tuesdays

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1225 W. Grand Parkway South

Katy, TX 77494


Time:  2:30 - 3:30 pm Wednesdays

FBC Columbus

1700 Milam Street

Columbus, TX 78934

1:30 pm - 2:30 pm Thursdays